Reasonable Accommodation

Modifications or adjustments to tasks, environments or to ways things are done, without putting an unfair burden on the organization making these changes, that enable people with disabilities to have an equal opportunity to participate in education, employment, and community. It is important for organizations to have a definition of “Reasonable Accommodation,” so that people with disabilities have a clear understanding of what can be expected should a request for adjustment be made.

Arabic Translation:
تهيئة مقبولة


reCAPTCHA is a user-dialogue system originally like the CAPTCHA interface, recaptcha asks users to enter words seen in distorted text images onscreen.
By presenting two words it both protects websites from bots attempting to access restricted areas and helps digitize the text of books.

Arabic Translation:

Refreshable Braille Display

also called braille terminal; is an electro-mechanical device for displaying braille characters, usually by means of round-tipped pins raised through holes in a flat surface. Blind computer users, who cannot use a normal computer monitor, use it to read text output. Speech synthesizers are also commonly used for the same task, and a blind user may switch between the two systems or use both at the same time depending on circumstances.

Arabic Translation:
شاشة عرض برايل القابلة لإعادة التنشيط


Branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots.

Arabic Translation: