A concept refers to enabling equal access and participation of all individuals in every aspect of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with the aim to promote the use of ICT to overcome community exclusion, and improve economic performance, employment opportunities, quality of life, social participation and cohesion.

Arabic Translation:
الشمولية الرقمية


Any form of online digitally supported learning and teaching materials and/or resources including tools or systems that supports online learning and curriculums.

Arabic Translation:
التعلم الإلكتروني


An electronic version (soft copy) of a print book that can be read using a computer, tablet, eBook reader or smartphone.

Arabic Translation:
كتاب إلكتروني

Engineered Classroom Environment

A classroom prepared and equipped with tools, devices, means throughout the classroom so that students have constant access to communication within an environment that is embedded with language-rich representation (e.g. nouns, verbs, adjectives, comments, etc.) providing exposure to receptive and expressive symbolic language helping students to build language skills through an immersed communicative environment and aided language stimulation.

Arabic Translation:
فصل دراسي مهيّأ

Environmental Control Unit

ECU for short. Devices or systems that enable individuals to control various electronic devices (e.g. lights, televisions, telephones, music players, door openers, security systems, and kitchen appliances) in their environment through a variety of alternative access methods, such as switches or voice access.

Arabic Translation:
وحدة التحكم بالبيئة المحيطة