Icon Prediction

A process to help users to recall the sequence of icons that represent words, sentences, and phrases where icons that may be selected as part of a phrase or sentence are progressively suggested as the user forms the phrase or sentence.

Arabic Translation:
التنبؤ بالأيقونات

ICT Accessibility vs Usability

Whereas ICT Accessibility usually means the adherence of digital platforms (websites, mobile apps, kiosks, digital video content, etc.) to technical standards, whereas usability is determined through the manual testing of digital platforms to ensure that real users with disabilities can actually use the website. Usually, a checklist is deployed to ask questions such as “Can the user browse the website using the keyboard only?” A true measure of how accessible a platform is depends on assessing both accessibility and usability.

Arabic Translation:
النفاذ الرقمي مقابل إمكانية الاستخدام

Independent Living

Independent Living is the ability to live independently and productively in society with the same freedom of choice and opportunity as a non-disabled person. Therefore it’s not that you are living on your own but that you master where you live and have an equal range of opportunities and choices as a non-disabled person.

Arabic Translation:
العيش المستقل