A Website on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.


Arabic Translation:


A system of writing and printing for blind or visually impaired people, through a combination of raised dots (each raised dot configuration represents a letter or number) representing letters and numerals that are identified by tactile feedback.


Arabic Translation:

Braille Computer Terminals

Computer terminal that can be interfaced with existing on-site or a remote information processing system such that when connected to computers or data banks, it can deliver Brailled pages of information at a rate of up to 100 words per minute, also allowing users to request information on a standard keyboard and obtain a Brailled response.


Arabic Translation:
طرفية حاسوب برايل

Braille Embossers

A specialized printer that prints text as tactile braille using braille translation software, creating an embossed braille document.


Arabic Translation:
طابعة برايل