The return of information about a process or activity offering knowledge about performance to amend or improve the initial process or activity.

Arabic Translation:
ملاحظات وتعليقات


A defined type set of particular character face and size to stylize a group of text.

Arabic Translation:


Various ways of presenting information through digital means using specific electronic file types (e.g. .doc, .docx, .rtf, .xls, .csv, .jpg, .pdf, etc.) to be used with an ICT based device like smartphones, computer, etc.

Arabic Translation:

Frequency Modulation (FM) Systems

An assistive listening device is worn by the speaker to amplify his/her voice and transmit it directly to the listener’s ears via an electronic receiver and special earphones or the listener’s own hearing aids to reduce the problem of background noise interference and the problem of distance between the speaker and hearing-impaired listener.

Arabic Translation:
أنظمة تعديل تردد الموجات

Functional Measures

Process of evaluation to assess whether an individual can accomplish tasks that he/she could not accomplish without the Assistive Technology or Digital Access System.


Arabic Translation:
مقاييس وظيفية


Range of features offered by a device or system to help complete the required task effectively to fulfill its purpose.

Arabic Translation: