Alerting Devices

Auditory, visual or tactile based devices that are designed to alert users with sensory impairments to special circumstances and situations (e.g. flashing doorbell alerting systems, paging devices, telephone signaling systems, smoke alarm systems, security alarms, and wake up alarms).

Arabic Translation:
أجهزة تنبيه

Alternative Access Device

Specialized devices that enable computer control without the use of a standard keyboard and pointing device (e.g. alternative keyboards, electronic pointing devices, sip-and-puff systems, wands and sticks, joysticks, trackballs, etc.).

Arabic Translation:
جهاز تحكم بديل

Alternative Keyboards

Alternative keyboards that are different in size, shape, layout, or function. They offer individuals with special needs greater efficiency, control, and comfort. For example, a traditional QWERTY Keyboard may be confusing to a child with a developmental disability and can be replaced with a keyboard that lists letters A-Z in big, bold letters and doesn’t contain a lot of “extra” keys. This makes focusing on spelling and typing words a lot easier.

Arabic Translation:
لوحات المفاتيح البديلة

Alternative Text

Textual description of a non-text element (e.g. image, videos, etc.) usually used in websites/accessible documents to explain the particular content in words specifically designed for individuals with visual impairments using screen readers.

Arabic Translation:
نص بديل

Alternative Writing Aids

Devices such as adapted pencils/pens and alternative keyboards, speech recognition software/apps to slates and stylus and Braille writers for students with visual impairments that are designed for users who are unable to use standard writing tools (e.g. pencil/pen, standard keyboard) to write.

Arabic Translation:
مساعدات كتابة بديلة