The provision of a suitable accessible environment based on the functional needs of the individual to be able to perform his/her tasks effectively within the relevant setting (e.g. education, work, etc.).

Arabic Translation:
تهيئة بيئة ملائمة

Adapted Measuring Devices

Measuring devices designed for users who are unable to use standard measuring tools (e.g. measuring cups with large print or adapted handles, talking tape measures, rulers with large print or special grips, or thermometers with speech output and/or large print).


Arabic Translation:
أجهزة قياس مكيفة

Adapted Paper

Alternative writing paper for users who need additional supports or are unable to use standard paper when writing (e.g. papers with bold or raised line paper, paper with additional lines to assist with upper and lower case letter formation or different colored paper).

Arabic Translation:
ورق كتابة مُكيّف

Adapted Switches

Hardware devices available in various sizes, shapes, colors, methods of activation, and placement options that work as an alternative access method by performing pre-programmed functions of a mouse and/or keyboard.

Arabic Translation:
مفاتيح مكيَّفة

Adapted Tools

Variations of everyday tools that assist users to complete tasks such as cooking, eating, household chores, personal hygiene, and toileting enabling users to participate in their environments.

Arabic Translation:
أدوات مكيَّفة

Advanced Reading and Writing Aid

Comprehensive computer/tablet applications that allow students to use one program to complete literacy assignments with features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and allow editing of underlying text maintaining the integrity of the original document, text-to-speech with highlighting, note taking tools, grammar and spell checkers, word prediction and vocabulary support.

Arabic Translation:
برمجيات مساعَدة القراءة والكتابة