Visual Impairment

Visual impairment (or vision impairment) is vision loss (of a person) to such a degree as to qualify as an additional support need.

Arabic Translation:
إعاقة بصرية

Visual Supports

Tools used to increase the understanding of language and to provide support users to communicate choices, organize daily routines, give directions, reinforce expected behaviors, and/or assist in transition (e.g. photographs, text, calendars and picture symbols).

Arabic Translation:
مساعِدات بصرية

Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCA) / Speech Generating Device (SGD)

Device that supplements a user’s current means of communication through a synthesized or recorded speech output including devices that support single or multi-level systems having either static display (where the user must physically change the display/level) or dynamic display (where the display is automatically changed when the user presses a specific location on the screen).

Arabic Translation:
مساعِدات التواصل بالكلام المسجّل / جهاز مولّد للكلام

Voice Recognition

or speech recognition. is the translation of spoken words into text. It is also known as “automatic speech recognition”, “ASR”, “computer speech recognition”, “speech to text”, or just STT

Arabic Translation:
التعرف على الصوت


Systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space.

Arabic Translation:
مرشد المسارات