Deaf or Hard of Hearing

People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing cannot hear sound or hear clearly.

Making ICT platforms accessible to people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing is straight forward; If audio of any kind is used as part of the content in a website or mobile app, ensure there is a text equivalent subtitle (Caption) or text transcript.

Blind or Low Vision

People who are Blind or Low Vision either cannot see or have some vision.

Making ICT platforms accessible requires some awareness and effort on the developer’s part. We would recommend following this guideline and refer to international standards on web accessibility; WCAG 2.0.

Website owners in Qatar fail to make websites accessible by putting up barriers to people who are Blind or Low Vision.

Cognitive and Learning Disabilities

For the purposes of web accessibility, classifying cognitive disabilities by functional disability is more useful. Functional disabilities focus on the resulting abilities and challenges. Some of the main categories of functional cognitive disabilities include deficits or difficulties with

Physical and Motor Disabilities

People with Physical and Motor Disabilities have limited or no use of limbs or functional parts of the body such as; legs, arms, fingers and hands. These limitations are overcome with various Assistive Technologies that are either hardware or software or a combination of both.